Welcome to the Summer 2022 OER and Open Pedagogy Seminar

Summer 2022 7/18/22—8/5/22


Seminar Description

In this three-week, online seminar, we will discuss Open Pedagogy and OER with the goal of (re)designing an assignment to pilot in one of your fall 2022 courses. Participants and facilitators will meet synchronously on Zoom each Wednesday from 10:30 am—12:00 pm. Participants will also be invited to schedule individual planning sessions with our OER librarian, Bruce Shenitz. The remainder of the activities will be completed asynchronously over the three-week period, using this site as our main platform for participation.

Seminar Goals

  • Develop familiarity with the features and potential instructional applications of Open Pedagogy & OER in their own disciplines
  • Deepen understanding of OER through applying an OER evaluation framework to existing OER used in college classrooms
  • Demonstrate best practices for Open Pedagogy supported by OER through designing a sample assignment for use in a Fall 2022 course.

How to Access the Seminar

Completing Discussion Questions and Assignments on the Class Site: All discussion questions and assignments can be completed on this class site.

  1. Click on the “Course Schedule” tab to see which group you have been assigned to. They are lettered A, B, C, and D.
  2. Once you know your group, you can hover over the corresponding Group tab (Group A, Group B etc.) to see a drop down menu that lists discussion questions for each week and assignments for each week. Click on the correct week to see the prompt.
  3. Simply write your responses in the comments box and click “post comment” when you’re finished.
  4. Each week you will be asked to respond to another participant in your group. You can do this by clicking “reply” directly below their comment. You can add a new post by writing in the text box.

Zoom Meeting Info (synchronous sessions)


Meeting ID: 885 8195 7799

Password: 035784

Our Approach

This will be a collaborative seminar in which participants and facilitators evaluate examples of Open Educational Resources (OER) for the purpose of  defining their key characteristics as well as how to implement them using Open Pedagogy (OP). The facilitators will provide both discipline-specific and transdiscipline examples of OER, from which  participants can derive a definition and approach that suits their field and pedagogical preferences. With these definitions and preferences considered, participants will begin searching for- and evaluating OERs with the aim of creating an assignment that is open in its materials and pedagogy. 

The discussions, brainstorming and problem-solving that participants engage in during Zoom sessions will be critical to achieving the learning goals of the seminar. Participants will also be expected to read texts, evaluate OERs, and draft ideas asynchronously before and after Zoom meetings. 

Seminar Calendar

WkWednesday Live Session TopicAsynchronous Assignments Due
Examples of OER
Generative writing
Discussion #1 AND 1 reply
Assignment #1
 7/25-7/30Platforms, searching, licenses, 5RsDiscussion #2 AND 1 reply
Assignment #2
 8/1-8/5Revising, Remixing, and Peer Reviewing Assignment sheets Discussion #3 AND 1 reply
Assignment #3:

Schedule a Consultation

Use this Calendly link to schedule a short one-on-one Zoom session with OER Adjunct Librarian Bruce Shenitz to discuss any aspect of your participation in the seminar.

HR Matters

All participants will be compensated for completing the seminar. You will receive an individual email with a timesheet and offer letter or stipend form to complete. Timesheets will be submitted on August 11th to correspond with the college’s NTA payroll calendar. We will endeavor to keep you informed about when to expect payment.