[D] Week 1 Discussion

Feel free to introduce yourself and let us know if you have any familiarity with OER or Open Pedagogy (it’s fine if you don’t!). 

Have you ever assigned your students to create an educational resource that could be used by other students, such as a handout, study guide, or even a page of a class website? Do you know of any colleagues who have tried this? Does it sound at all interesting to you?

Please post a response by Wednesday, 7/20.

In addition to your post, respond (briefly) to one other person’s post by Friday, 7/22

5 thoughts on “[D] Week 1 Discussion

  1. Kannaki Bharali

    Hello, my name is Kannaki Bharali (she/her), and I am an Adjunct Professor in the sociology department. I have been teaching Theories of Social Order (SOC 314) since Fall 2019. This course explores the contributions of sociological theorists toward an understanding of the conditions under which social orders are established, sustained, and/or transformed. The main assignments are quizzes, discussion boards, and term papers. I have never assigned my students to create an educational resource that could be used by other students. I plan to redesign the core assignments in the Fall 2022 course using the OER approach. I am thinking of incorporating projects (image, writing, presentation, video) that summarize content from my course. I am also thinking of using video creating/editing assignments on YouTube.

    1. Kristin Englander

      Kannaki – Good day. Your course sounds exceptionally interesting – and particularly relevant with the various political upheaval that we’ve seen across the globe of late. I have taught an international criminal justice course in the past and liked to incorporate videos into lecture because I think it is easier for some students to grasp material visually. I found that there was a fair amount of decent video clips on Youtube etc when it came to international criminal justice — I think you will be able to incorporate video clips into your assignments using YouTube without too much difficulty.

  2. Kristin Englander

    Good day. I hope everyone is enjoying their summer. My name is Kristin Englander – I have been an adjunct lecturer with the Law, Police Science and Criminal Justice Administration department since 2005. I have taught a variety of courses over the years, but one course that I teach regularly that I am interested in integrating OER is the Capstone Seminar course that I teach. I traditionally use a textbook, but also use several articles to cover certain topics of interest that aren’t covered in the text. I am interested in trying to cover the same or exceptionally similar topics, utilizing solely OER resources.
    Somewhat ironically, I had started to teach hybrid for John Jay during the Spring 2020 semester –having no idea that the pandemic would hit mid-semester. I’ve utilized discussion leaders in different capacities in the past, but once I switched to the hybrid format, the first day/week of class I have students sign up to be discussion leader for one set of readings during the semester. I would always be the discussion leader during the first lecture week, so that students could see what I expected in terms of the summary. Each week there would be 2 to 3 discussion leaders, and they would be responsible for posting a summary of the assigned readings at the beginning of the week, before lecture (each discussion leader would sign up for specific reading(s) during that first week). The purpose of the assignment was for all students to have a brief approx. 3 page summary for each of the assigned readings of the course, which they then could use during lecture to help with notes and to help prepare for the exams. The discussion leader posts the summary in the discussion board in Blackboard, so that the rest of the class has access to the summary. For the most part, I have had mostly positive results with this assignment, but as with any assignment/course, some students don’t submit quality work, or submit it very late, which obviously hinders the main purpose of the assignment. I would be interested to learn about other ways that it has been implemented.


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