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Michael Lynch

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Howard Mandelbaum

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Joel Freiser

Week 1: What is Open Pedagogy, How Does it Help Students, and How can it be Implemented in the Classroom?

Discussion Question: (Respond to these questions in list or paragraph form. Questions are meant to prompt thought, so answers needn’t be comprehensive.)

Feel free to say hi to the group and let us know if you have any prior experience working with OERs or Open Pedagogy.

Briefly describe how you have typically selected readings and educational resources for your class in the past. (For instance, were they recommended to you? Did you pull them from personal research? Or did you think of a learning goal first and then select readings to match the goal?) What is your criteria for a good educational resource?

Due by Wednesday, 7/20.

In addition to your post, respond (briefly) to one other person’s post by Friday, 7/22

Click on your group tab at the main menu, then Discussion Week 1 to respond

Assignment 1:

Pick one of the following 4 types of educational resources (or another of your choosing): textbook, class site, zine, handout/activity, question bank–over the next three weeks, you’ll develop an assignment in which students either create or edit this resource in some way.

1) Do you think you would like students to create this resource from scratch, or would you like to provide them with a template of this resource and have them revise, remix or adapt it? Why?

2) What important topics within your discipline will this assignment (which involves creating or editing a resource) cover?

3) List any learning goals or skills that you would especially like students to engage with while making or editing this resource.

(Briefly answer each question by Sunday, 7/24. Click on your group, then Assignment Week 1 to answer.)

Week 2: Searching for OER, Evaluating OER, Understanding Creative Licenses, and Tools for Revising and Remixing OER

Discussion Question:

Pick one of the two following blog posts to read and respond to:

Robin DeRosa’s My Open Textbook: Pedagogy and Practice

Rajiv Jhangiani’s Why have students answer questions when they can write them?

Did anything about the reading surprise you? Did any of the strategies or practices reflect what you already do in your classroom?

Post by Wednesday, 7/27

Respond to another person’s post by Friday, 7/29

Assignment 2:

Using a platform of your choice, find at least one OER that you would like to incorporate in your assignment and include a link to it.

1) Write a few sentences explaining how you might incorporate this resource into your assignment. It could be a source of information, a template, a guide, a tool to help with creating/revising/remixing etc. Or something else!

2) Include, specifically, how this resource can be reused, revised, or remixed.

3) What license does this OER have and how will it affect your use of it?

Please finish assignment by Sunday 7/31

Week 3: Peer Review of Assignments

Discussion Question: Take a look at Murder, Madness, Mayhem ( as well as the associated essay ( written by the instructor who facilitated it. 

What piece from the instructor’s essay was most interesting or most helpful to you and why?

Due Wednesday, 8/3, Reply to another person’s post by Friday, 8/5

Assignment 3: Based on what you’ve written and considered over the last two weeks, create a rough draft assignment sheet. Format it in a way that makes sense for you. Below are some guidelines to help you with drafting.

1) Include a brief description of the assignment 

  • What are students making?
  • Will they create/edit an entire resources in one semester, or just a part of a resource?
  • What subject-specific topic does the assignment address?
  • What makes this assignment “open” (describe how this assignment can be re-used, revised, remixed etc.)?

2) Include guidelines and learning goals

  • What content or features of the resource-to-be-made/edited are essential?
  • What parts of the assignment do you want students to prioritize?
  • What are your responsibilities in this assignment and what are the students’? 

3) Include some (tentative) dates for when major milestones of the project need to be completed

Please answer by Friday, 8/5